Graphnot ‘DJSlim Gee’ Ruwona has established
himself in South Africa as one of the
most sought after DJs in the industry. He is
also a renowned MC with a slew of followers and
fans across Msanzi and indeed the rest of Africa.
Rodney Rumbidzai Chawota

DJSlim Gee’s career in music started off accidentally
at a friend’s wedding ten years ago. He thought he
was just going to help with music and have some fun
but he was surprised to receive numerous requests
to play at other functions as well. Realising how
serious it was, he enrolled at Soul Candi for a course
in basic DJ skills and the rest is history!

Although he was an MC in church from the age of 17
and was hooked, he didn’t pursue it professionally
until his late 20s. This was despite his admiration
for MCs such as Emmanuel Manyika – he’d always wanted to be like him. Until he started professionally though, he nurtured his passion and utilized every opportunity he got to showcase his skills. Now he says, “I’m at a point in life where I would love to think of myself as a fully-fledged professional MC for various events, be it business forums, weddings, company functions, on-floor announcing, in-store and outdoor promotions, you name it! And I still MC at church a lot too!”

Where It All Started

DJSlim Gee grew up in Kambuzuma in Harare. Like
all the other children around him, he had a great
childhood. “The childhood ghetto memory which I
hold dearly till today is the ball games that we used
to invent like ‘magaps’, five-a-side and ‘chigumu’.
They were the best! I learnt a lot about life from
those playground interactions.” His family managed
within their means and that made them happy but he
knew that not all was fair.

“The ghetto for me makes you realize that you have
to put in the work to be who you would like to be. You
unfortunately do not have much of a head start at many
things in life.”

He grew up in a Christian family as one of five boys
who are very competitive. His family were extremely
supportive and made him believe he could conquer
anything. He had a privileged education at Marlborough
High School and Solusi University but now
wonders if these schools still have the same high
standards they did back then. “I’m not sure if these
places still function as they did back in the day. I
mean a lot has changed in Zimbabwe. These places
gave me the threads to fit into the cosmopolitan societal
fabric and be able to mix and mingle in a culturally
diverse environment. Big up to them!”

Apart from being a leader in the entertainment
industry, he is also involved in quality assurance for
hotel services. As far as Zimbabwe is concerned he
thinks there has been a huge improvement in events
management and delivery in the country but there’s
more to do. “There are blind spots because of the
unstable economic conditions that hinder creative
abilities. Despite that, we have high quality events
and hopefully it can only get better.” In the world
of entertainment, it’s the same scenario. Though
Zimbabwe has great musical artists he feels there is
an opportunity for the industry to produce ‘a sound
that appeals to the continental consumer and that
has continental relevance’.“The likes of Vusa Blaqs
have been creating epic and amazing artistry which
has earned not only himself but the countrys’ talent,
recognition. Big ups to the brother who does the
most…love his work!”

Living in Msanzi

Since he moved to South Africa, life has been a roller
coaster. “It’s never easy being foreign and trying to
penetrate any industry for that matter. You have to
unlearn certain norms and take on new meanings to
fit into spaces and show your talent more for you to
be recognized.”

“Keep the hustle alive” Photo Credit Tats Photography

“You have to work twice as hard to achieve success. Ultimately
you have to allow for the dichotomy to exist and
allow people to see you as a person and not as a number
and only then will you be able to succeed”

He describes life in South Africa as ‘an amazing
journey filled with discoveries and lessons’. Being a
bigger country than Zimbabwe, the competition is intense
but for him, that’s a good thing. It puts positive
pressure on one to master their craft and develop a
better self to remain relevant.

“God has seen me through and I can only be grateful for
where I am today”

Family and Values

What are his principles for success? First is that he
continues to build on the Christian foundations of
his upbringing – ‘with God at the centre it all holds
up together’. Next, collaboration whilst maintaining
a sense of self is essential. “It’s imperative that one
works out their relationship to be what they desire it
to be and never compare or contrast to any other.” He
is a firm believer of ‘walking your own journey filled
with your own discoveries.’ In his personal relationships,
he feels that allowing himself to be vulnerable
is how true intimacy is achieved and he does not
compromise on this with his wife and beautiful

“My dream is to become a fully-fledged, internationally-acclaimed
entertainer. I am doing a lot of voice work at
this stage and also tapping into television. So we sojourn
on MC and DJ for now but big entertainer dreams
keep the hustle alive.”


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