"I just want women to love the skin they're in!"


Letwin Manjala of #ZimFitMum, is a fitness coach and online businesswoman based in
Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA.
This Zimbabwean-born mum’s fitness and body shaping journey is nothing short of amazing and
has inspired thousands. As a businesswoman, her hustle reminds us that if you want to succeed you have to be prepared to put in the work.

Rodney Rumbidzai Chawota


What made you start #ZimFitMums?

I got the idea many years ago after searching online
for motivation and inspiration to bounce back
after having my children. I was fit then but worried
that having kids would take that away. After I did it
without guidance, I decided to coach other women.
For the most part I wanted to motivate both men and
women but now I focus on women because they’re
always putting their self care on the back burner
when they become mothers.

What challenges have you faced as a businesswoman
and how have you handled them?

I would be lying if I told you I’ve faced any major
challenges to write home about. I’ve been fortunate.
However I’ll tell you the hardest thing was my fear
about being accepted and embraced by the market I
was going into. Women can be very hard to convince
but they embraced me and I’m forever grateful.

What are your other business ventures?

We could be here forever with this one! To keep it
short and simple – fitness, health and beauty. I just
want to make women love the skin they’re in.

How do you keep motivated to keep exercising?

“Bounce back” “motivation” Photo Credit Faz Pixels

Motivation is hard but I am addicted to the results I suppose. I know that to sustain the results, I have to
keep going.

Is the 80/20 rule for maintaining fitness really true?

It is indeed 80/20. Your fitness is 80% diet and nutrition and 20% exercise. And when it comes to nutrition, you also need to balance 80% clean with 20% junk.


You have 13.5k followers on Instagram. How do
you keep your followers engaged?

I used to think there was a formula. There really isn’t.
My life is never static and I try to give my followers
as much of my reality as possible. My strengths, my
weaknesses, my blood, sweat and tears. And that
seems to make them double click so let’s keep pushing!

“I’m invested in fitness” photo credit – Optimass_art

How do you balance family life and your business ventures?

There’s a very fine line between the two. And the line
can be very blurred. I used to want to keep my personal
life very personal but then I realized I signed
up to share. So I’m a businesswoman-mamma!

Tell us about your childhood and upbringing in Zimbabwe.

I’m the only daughter of a civil servant and was
raised in a very humble home. My mother struggled
with her weight and tried every diet fad under the
sun. I think that motivated me to stay healthy and
fit. On top of that, everyone in my family is a fitness

How do you feel about everything that’s happened in Zimbabwe over the last decade and do you see things ever changing?

I haven’t lived in Zimbabwe long enough over the past decade to comment on its situation. What I can say is we are a resourceful nation and I’m very proud to be Zimbabwean.

What can be done to make Zimbabweans at home more tuned in to diet and fitness?

Fitness, exercise and health are definitely not a
priority to the average Zimbabwean. I think now we
are trying to keep ourselves in better health to avoid
illness so this is probably the best time to be in the
fitness and health industry. To improve the situation
we just need more corporate sponsorships to give
our local Zimbabwean coaches and trainers jobs and
programs to run, making the fitness mindset a more
affordable resource to access.

Your role models are…

My mother. Corny yes, but she is the first #ZimFit-
Mum I know. Then another #ZimFitMum, Kirsty

“I just want to make women love the skin they’re in” Photo Credit – Tino Nyandoro

What’s next for you?

This is still the beginning! I’m invested in fitness
becoming a movement In Zimbabwe. I want to plant
that seed in our women so that we can plant that seed
in our future generations.

You can follow Letwin Manjala here:
IG: zim_fit_mums


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