TARE MUNZARA – Beyond the Stars


Tare Munzara is an entrepreneur, motivational
writer and speaker and expert on country
branding. He is also the founder of the international
pageant, Miss Heritage. Tare is
originally from Mutare, Zimbabwe.

by Godwin Chireka


Who is Tare Munzara?

A professional dreamer filled with an undying passion to transform the trajectory of this nation; someone who can make a difference.

You seem to have great focus for someone your age. How did you develop such a critical skill?

I’ve always seen things differently, in ways that nobody else sees them, and so I apply my mind differently from everyone else. That and being a pro-active difference maker enables me to have focus. I walk in one direction and one direction only – forwards – and that has
never changed.

Focus is an art that one keeps developing continuously
and it has no peak. It’s limitless.

Where are you based now?

In Zimbabwe as I came back unexpectedly. It was just
God facing me and placing me in the direction and
location I’m supposed to be in. Through my calling I
was pulled back here when I thought I was supposed to
be in another country.

What would you say to a young man who’s working out
whether to stay in Zimbabwe or go elsewhere?

Zimbabwe is not for everyone – that’s the honest truth.
What I would say though is that Zimbabwe needs its
talent for its own growth despite the disheartening
broken systems and culture of incompetence. Our
abiding principle wherever we are is to never serve
another country but yours.

Can you tell us the projects that you are working on?

Right now, I’m working on nation or country branding
which is basically country brand creation, management,
development and promotion for the return on
investment of trade, tourism, investment, visibility, equity,
viability and the like. I also recently launched city
branding under nation branding which is endorsed by
the government.

What drives you?

To be honest I serve my calling and because of the way
my mind works, I’m able to see beyond what most
people see. As far as I’m concerned, I can go beyond
the stars into galaxies. I’m headed for a great place and
that place demands this to be the ride.

Tell us more about country branding.

It’s a tool that can transform our people and our
country. You see you can’t place a product without
values, benefits and identity on the shelf – no one will
be interested. Zimbabwe can be seen as a service or
a product. For both citizens and the global market to
‘buy’ into it, we must demonstrate what we are about
and where we’re going. We need to show people why we
need Zimbabwe.

Because we lack a common identity, vision and direction,
we’re divided and, in many ways, directionless.
Country branding distills the essence of a country in a
communicable manner and is a tool to simply develop
us so that we create value and earn value.

How does one effectively brand a country?

A country is a product but needs more than just a name and logo. It must have elements that differentiate it from others that work for its own advantage. There has to be some selling points. For me, it’s all about adding value to citizens that leads to a better quality of life and endless opportunity. Even today, we all still look to America. Why? We know it
and what it stands for, we know what it can offer, and we buy into it daily because it brands itself effectively. That’s one reason why it’s the super power it is.

You were falsely accused of unlawful activity on one of your ventures. How did you rise about that situation?

After being a multiple international award-winner, one of the top 100 most powerful leaders in Zimbabwe and listed and honored as a pan-African intellectual, plus working with governments around the world, I was accused of human trafficking by a South African model. I was detained but not surprisingly told that there was no case and released by Malaysian police. But it was too late because there were already articles online about the accusation – as if it were fact. It was embarrassing. I took solace in all those who stood up for me, even people I didn’t know as well as other South African models. The case was then handled by the South African Hawks (South Africa’s Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation that investigates organized crime, etc) and on record, they stated there was no evidence of criminal activity on my part and that the girl was lying. A South African journalist also contacted me with an offer to help and went on to write articles against the
false claim.

I did lose credibility temporarily for sure and needless to say I was crushed. Now I look back and see that maybe it was just God sending me back home. The whole incident gave birth to so many great things in my life, including meeting my soul mate and life partner, and of course this business I’m now in.

What can we expect from you in the future?

Expect impact, transformation and the unexpected!

Can you share a message with our fellow Zimbabweans?

I want every person out there not to give up on Zimbabwe.
We are building this country no matter what. For
anybody that wants to make a difference in Zimbabwe,
let’s collaborate. Let me rope you into my team!


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