AMANDA NGCONO NKOMO – Miss World Zimbabwe-UK


Amanda Ngcono is not one to shy away from
anything that brings good. Not only is she the current Miss World Zimbabwe, but she also runs her own charity using both her own personal brand and her reign to push for change. She’s also about to launch a radio talk show. Her determination
and drive is truly inspiring, so we caught up with the vivacious 21-year-old queen to find out where she gets her get-up-and-go from.

Tell us about your early childhood and how you came
to the UK.

I came here when I was 3 years old, so I’ve been here for practically all my life. Before that, I spent a lot of time with my grandparents who hold a special place in my heart. My childhood was fun with so many new experiences. My parents made sure I got every opportunity possible, and I thank them for that everyday.

What’s the plus side of living in the diaspora?

Definitely the opportunities. We have access to everything- education, jobs, business, entertainment, networks. Then there’s the exposure to the different cultures. The downside is being far away from home, family and friends, and also having to sometimes start all over when you move here.

Your family means a lot to you it seems.

The have so much love and when I say that I can’t do anything without them, I mean that. They are an amazing and strong people.

My late grandfather John Landa Nkomo was vice president of Zimbabwe before he passed away a few years ago. He left a great legacy which inspires me till today.

My parents are a blessing to my life. They keep me going and support me in everything I do. I have three little sisters who are my world and in all I do, I want to be a positive role model for them and make sure they always aim high.

You’ve accomplished so much and you’re only 21.

Thank you so much! And I feel very much blessed and have so much gratitude for all my accomplishments. None of them would have been possible without God and the support I receive. That being said I know I have so much more to do and what I’ve achieved so far also motivates me to keep going and pushing.

Three of your role models are…

Hmm…this is a hard one as I have a few. I’d say my grandparents who I love with every bone in my body. They are always praying for me and just sending out so much love. Then it will have to be my parents. These two are my whole world; they’ve fought so hard for me
and my sisters to have a better life and made sure we carry God everywhere we go too. My last role model is Michelle Obama. I love and am so inspired by her and everything that she stands for, especially the rights of girls.

Besides your charity work what else do you want to
achieve as the reigning Miss World Zimbabwe UK?

I want to take part in more pageants, mentoring pro-grammes for young girls, community projects, public speaking, traveling, get more involved in radio and presenting.

By the way, you’re doing all this whilst studying right?

Yes! I am doing a course in health education at university which I really do enjoy and hope to further my studies with a master’s in international relations or global development. These are the subjects I’m very passionate about and want to be able to pursue them
as much as possible. I’m very motivated to change the world in any way I can.

How do you keep fit Amanda?

I drink loads of water and have a personal trainer, Rachel, who I see one or twice a week. I also do small home workouts too and I pretty much walk everywhere!

We know how passionate you are about Zimbabwe. How do you keep that passion burning with everything going on?

Yes my hopes for Zimbabwe will always remain high no matter what. With everything I do, I always have back home in mind. There’s lots that needs to be done but I have faith that it can be done. That’s what keeps me going – that it can be done!

Tell us about your show #GirlTalk.

Yes! So #GirlTalk started off as a feature on Snapchat where I would host different guests to discuss various issues that affect us young women on the MadeInZWE platform. After doing this I decided to make the show live and put it on #GirlTalkLiveInZWE. It was a massive event in Bulawayo with over 300 girls, different organisations that support girls, guest speakers and poets.

There was food and drink and tickets were free. We got a really good response so we’ll do more. Currently I have a #GirlTalk GroupChat of 100 plus girls where we talk and openly discuss issues that help each other grow.

Would it be fair to say that one of the issues of discussion would be relationships? What relationship advice would you give your peers?

Yes that’s fair to say. Take the time to find and love yourself first and make sure when you do start dating and getting into relationships to never settle for less than you deserve. Always put your own goals, dreams, hopes, education and careers as priorities and trust in
the process.

What is one thing that people may be surprised to know about you?

I used to play basketball all through high school and was on the school team and we did competitions around Manchester.


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